Apple just made all your data available to download

Joanna Estrada
October 19, 2018

The full-featured Data and Privacy portal is now available to the users of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As well as your activity with Apple, you can download all your email, photos and documents stored on iCloud which, if you have upgraded your storage, could be a hefty pile of information.

Prior to the tool launching, users could request their data by contacting Apple directly.

Part of the website focuses on Apple's privacy features and the ways it limits the data it collects.

Apple stores most of your data on your device, instead of on its servers, so it's likely that the report won't include that much information.

The latest update of the Mac operating system is expected to hit today - potentially alongside a zero-day bug which circumvents OS privacy controls.

In the upper toolbar, click on "Manage Your Privacy" and then scroll down to the heading that reads 'Take charge of your data'.

Apple just made all your data available to download
Apple just made all your data available to download

Canadians can visit Apple's privacy portal here, sign in with their Apple ID and click on "Get Started" under the section "Get a copy of your data". Apple told me it would take 7 days to get it all to me. Other companies make it frustratingly hard or near impossible to figure out how much information they collect, let alone how that data will be managed if your account is deleted.

While other technology firms seemed hesitant to extend GDPR-compliant platforms to other countries, Apple said it would launch its revamped privacy portal in other regions this year.

The firm typically issues some changes to its Privacy site each fall with the introduction of new products and software. The refresh is meant to include all the new security features that have been introduced with iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. Apple also requires any app sold on the App Store to have a privacy policy.

Apple also expanded its guide for users on how to adjust their privacy settings.


Starting Wednesday, Apple users living in the U.S. can download their own data from the company's privacy portal.

The new feature comes as tech companies are under fire for their handling of customer data. Deactivating your account is said to restrict access to your data-and, naturally, prevent you from using Apple services-until it's restored.

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