Ronaldo insists sex was "completely consensual"

Ruben Hill
October 11, 2018

Christiansen confirmed that Mayorga reached a settlement with Ronaldo's representatives in 2010.

In the statement, Christiansen claims Ronaldo's accuser, Kathryn Mayorga, breached a 2010 agreement by publicly coming forward with her allegations against Ronaldo.

Larissa Drohobyczer, an attorney who is a part of Mayorga's legal team, recently issued a statement stating that Ronaldo has just under three weeks to respond formally to the accusation.

Mayorga is seeking to void the non-disclosure agreement after filing a civil complaint against Ronaldo in Nevada court last month.

While there was no denial that Ronaldo had indeed met Mayorga at some point, Christiansen said that Ronaldo claims everything that happened that fateful night in Las Vegas was "completely consensual".

"The documents that allegedly contain statements by Mr. Ronaldo and were reproduced in the media are pure inventions".

"Cristiano Ronaldo does not deny he agreed to conclude an agreement with [Ms Mayorga] but the reasons that led him to do so are at least to be misrepresented".

"This settlement is by no means a confession of guilt".

Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo could reportedly serve 10 years behind bars if he is found guilty of rape after the recent accusations made against him.

Las Vegas police have since reopened an investigation into the alleged assault, which Mayorga says took place in Ronaldo's hotel room in the city's Palms Casino resort.

The statement continued: "To absolve any doubt, Mr Ronaldo has always maintained, as he does today, that what occurred in 2009 in Las Vegas was consensual in nature".

Rather, it's claimed Ronaldo entered into the agreement on the advice of his advisors, in order to end "outrageous accusations made against him".

"Unfortunately, it is now involved in the type of litigation that is very common in the United States".

"While Mr Ronaldo is accustomed to being the subject of press attention that goes along with being famous, it is absolutely deplorable that any media outlet would support or advance such an elaborate and deliberate defamation campaign based on stolen, easily manipulated digital documents", the statement continued.

In response to the question of whether Ms. C had ever raised her voice, screamed or called out, X answered according to the document: "She said no and stop several times".

But it declares documents cited in media reports about the athlete's encounter in 2009 were altered before being "irresponsibly published".

Ronaldo's lawyer, Peter Christiansen, on Wednesday, has reiterated Ronaldo's stand on the incident and even opined that the German magazine had "irresponsibly" based its reports on data stolen and fabricated by hackers during a cyber attack in 2015.

"Mr Ronaldo will leave future discussion of any and all legal matters to his attorneys here [in Las Vegas] and in Europe".

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