Igor Mazepa: Find Out How Famous Banker Makes Money with His Friends Easily

Marco Green
October 11, 2018

Mazepa: how everything started

Do not regret to drive drunk? Absolutely not ”,  “Do not make me feeling guilty”, “I can drive to the red light”, “We bought for a penny and sold to foreign investors for expensive ”.  This is only a small fraction of quotations, which slightly lifts the veil over the personality of businessman Igor Mazepa.

Igor Mazepa, the Ukrainian “wolf from Wall Street”, as he sometimes is jokingly called, is speculator number 1 in the country, a supporter of the concept of “make money on sinking Ukraine”, a close friend of Peter Poroshenko and Boris Lozhkin. Let's try to figure it out, where this character come from.

Igor Mazepa was born in 1976 in Kiev. The way to the rich was thorny. It is known a little about parents, youth and in general the early years of Igor Mazepa. It seemed the most interesting information about the start is kept in a secret. After all, the most important thing in business is efficient start. But it is a gap here.

According to the crumbs of information, it is only known that he graduated from the Kiev National the University of Economics. There he just met his future wife. That's all.

At young age Igor Mazepa was not distinguished by serious achievements. The situation changed in 1997 that turned to be quite successful year for him. Igor Mazepa went to work in a prestigious foreign firm “Prospect Investments”, but in fact - an office with a rather vague Russian roots. The company was engaged in everyday business - buying up shares from impoverished shareholders. The end of the nineties, a dashing time. What kind of salary you are talking about?  There was not any at all. Therefore, it was possible to buy a share of some Oblenergo from an electrician for a cent and sell it for a dollar to the American owner. Igor Mazepa chose this scheme, but he didn’t like the role of a stupid performer. That’s why he suddenly becomes general director of investment company Foyil Securities Europe in 2000. Certainly, for some special merit. After all, he was never an idiot but rather unprincipled lover of money signs.

On a new position, investment banker Igor Mazepa took up buying and selling Ukrainian shares and bonds. The clients here were Western investment funds.

How did Igor Mazepa get involved in this project? The above-mentioned office was a succession of firms, which was created by the American Dorian Foyle. He in turn was an assistant

of English oligarch John Templeton. Igor Mazepa has chosen a pretty good example for imitation, given the fact that Templeton is an amateur to buy bonds of poor countries and then sell them at exorbitant prices during the ascent economy. As a result he got rich.Actually, Igor Mazepa did the same, but, apparently, he played it. In two years he was dismissed with the wording “insufficient results of work”.

The notorious "Concorde Capital"

Igor Mazepa probably remembered 2004 as a particularly successful year. It was at dawn the formation of Yushchenko's power Igor Mazepa, along with longtime friend John Saggit created their own brilliant brainchild - Concorde Capital. Why brilliant? Because after only three months of its existence the company became the leader at the Ukrainian PFTS exchange. It seems that Igor Mazepa is close to being a millionaire in record time, but there is a problem.

"Concord" never turned money, but only bought and sold valuable paper for the money of their customers. Who are the customers? We'll tell you a bit more, although the clients’ secret has been kept in strict confidence.

It is curious, but Igor Mazepa never directly owned the Concorde. Owners of the company changed very often and it is difficult to call the owner of the company. Rather, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa is its spiritual mastermind.

Igor Mazepa and his Concorde have already taken up the usual business of buying up cheap shares and their sale is more expensive. For an investment banker, and in general a businessman it is normal practice of doing business. But businessmen are different. Those who, although would try to conduct business in ethical norms and those neglect the following norms.

Today the Red have power - we are with them. Tomorrow the white are, then we work for the white, the day after tomorrow and at all brown - well and what? People are different. It is also possible to put up with.

Since 2005, Igor Mazepa and the notorious Concorde started to buy shares "Krivorozhstal", "Zaporizhstal" and "Odeskabel" from the population. The customers were several foreign firms. Already in 2006, pennies were spent to buy shares of various energy resources like Donetsk Oblgaz. In general, Akhmetov liked Igor Mazepa and his approach, so already in 2005-2007 he entrusted him to conduct another similar action - to buy up security papers of “Ukrtelecom”.

In 2007,Igor Mazepa helped the current viewer of Odessa, Sergei Uchitel in the purchase of Odessagaz shares. In the same year, not particularly thinking about the legislative acts, Igor Mazepa bought more hectare of land of the National Academy of Sciences. He was sure there is no science, why should they need land? 2007 became productive for the brainchild of Igor Mazepa. Just this year company “Concord Asset Management” was created. Four investment funds were also pushed here.

The asset management company cheated at once, though investors initially did not notice. AMC raised and lowered the cost of certificates in various ways. But the crisis of 2008 came and the “Asset” all went wrong. Igor Mazepa made a decision to leave investors without anything.

Naturally, Igor Mazepa succeeded here, as he was the main initiator of the exchange creation. The Moscow stock exchange still owns software providing the Ukrainian Exchange, which opens up global opportunities for espionage.

In general, Igor Mazepa has very close ties with Russian entrepreneurs. It was in Moscow that he received key knowledge in the field of stock trading. And brought this knowledge to Ukraine to develop the regional market.

Already in 2011, Concord and its creator, Igor Mazepa, were marked by lower cost shares of Ukrainian companies, which were placed on European trading floors.

Shares were quickly bought up by “necessary” people. As a result Igor Mazepa put $ 1 million in his pocket with partners, and then successfully laundered this capital in the Cyprus offshore.

Appetite comes with eating. Already in 2010-2014 some Ukrainian and Russian hackers under the leadership of citizens of Ukraine Ivan Turchynov and Alexander Eremenko stole insider information about the American firm Caterpillar Inc. Information was given to exchange players. All in all Igor Mazepa had to pay $ 3.4 million to the American authorities for settling the issue peacefully. But the most interesting activity of “Concorde” began after the second Maidan.

Igor Mazepa and his dirty games

In 2014 Peter Poroshenko comes to power, and in June of the same year long-time friend of Igor Mazepa, Boris Lozhkin, becomes head of administration of the President.

The second Maidan and subsequent military actions did not add investment popularity of Ukraine so Igor Mazepa lost his salary. But it does not matter. He says he loves to make money from nothing.

But participation in the financing of terrorist activities, and this is how it treats Law financial transactions with transfer of funds to uncontrolled Ukraine territory, is no longer just a “misdemeanor” but a crime.

At the end of 2014, “Concorde” Igor Mazepa bought a controlling stake in the Ukrainian firm "OMP-2013". The piece of this company belonged to the Russian company QIWI. QIWI -purse has become a very convenient means of payments between Ukraine and Territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions with a special order of local self-government. Igor Mazepa remembered

his comrade Boris Lozhkin, who helped him very much. The terminals in LDNR were blocked from Kiev. SBU struggled to conduct searches in offices “OMP-2013”, but Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa were already working hard at all re-registration of “OMP” in the new brand TYME. And they succeeded.

Before that, the translations worked through Turkey. That is, for example, in Kiev, the son sends in Donetsk to the old lady of the mother two thousand hryvnia for maintenance. Initially, the funds come to Turkey, and only then to the city of Donetsk. Everything is legal. No translations between Kiev and Donetsk were not there. However, the Turkish authorities were extremely interested in the growth the popularity of TYME, and the interest of the authorities is not identical to the growth of capital. Therefore the intermediary had to be changed.

And what's next?

The absence of any reaction of the authorities to the dawn of the criminal activity of Igor Mazepa does not surprise. Igor Mazepa is a close friend of Boris Lozhkin, and it means a lot in Ukraine today. However, the Ukrainian government does not consist only of the president and the former head of his administration. There is a parliament, the Cabinet of Ministers, the judicial system and all the above-mentioned bodies are not solely subject to the head of do not earn together with Igor Mazepa.

The phenomenon of Igor Mazepa is extremely dangerous for the domestic economy, which is already is in the depths of the crisis. In difficult times, the society, as a rule, unites.

In 2013, Ireland was the first to overcome the economic crisis in Europe. The cause of this miracle was a complete reload of the economic model. The government strongly encouraged development of small business and it worked. And in 2008, Irish developers had to return 100 billion euros to banks, there was a crazy unemployment in the country. Imagine, if this market let Igor Mazepa with his mania buy up bad debts, and then demand repayment? Even five Ireland wouldn’t carry it out.

The Ukrainian economy is more than half in shadow. However, sooner or later this shadow will go to the past. Together with people like Igor Mazepa, who exert incredible efforts for the existence of this same shadow.

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