Samsung set to release silver variant of Galaxy Note 9

Joanna Estrada
October 3, 2018

Worth mentioning, Apple too has been using Qualcomm modems on its iPhone devices though the recent spat between the two companies have soured their relationships since long. Now, Intel's new 7560 has 4×4, allowing for a more direct comparison with current Qualcomm modems.

For $929, you can get yourself into a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (US unlocked model), pair of Gear IconX (2018) wireless earbuds, and Samsung fast wireless charging stand (2018). While the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max pack Intel's next-generation XMM7560 LTE modem, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 2 pack Qualcomm modems in the X20 and X16, respectively.

As we have mentioned earlier, there have been a series of reports surrounding the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max's LTE performance.

The tests were conducted on 20MHz channel of Band 4 which is used by major carriers in the United States as well as Canada.

Following the launch of the first-ever public SDK for one of its S Pen styluses, Samsung moved to reveal some of the secrets of the accessory accompanying the Galaxy Note 9 Android flagship. The tests again were conducted in varying conditions such as in a diminishing signal strength as well as under strong signal conditions. When it comes to very weak signals or levels below -120dBm, iPhone XS is comparable to the Qualcomm phones, though a lot better than the original iPhone X. But as signal gets weaker, the XS Max really competes, showing that it's well tuned.

The said tests were performed in a lab and the real world tests vary. The iPhone XS shows, on average, 6.6Mbps faster download speeds on all United States carriers than the iPhone X, according to Speedtest Intelligence. The silver edition will also be released in the US. Apple has improved performance and stability, even on older devices, with the iOS 12. In a 16-app relay test, iPhone XS was significantly faster than the Note 9 in opening apps.

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