Beluga whale spotted again in River Thames

James Marshall
September 28, 2018

The RSPCA animal welfare group said it was "working with other agencies to monitor the situation". Picture Fraser GrayPhotographers flocked to try and picture the rare Whale.

"The longer it stays in the Thames estuary then it will become more of a concern", he told BBC radio.

Conservationists said they hoped the beluga's natural instincts would soon kick in and it would head out of the estuary and back north.

Throughout the day, Andrews continued to share whale updates and additional video footage, much to the delight of those following the story on social media.

Beluga whales are not often found near the United Kingdom - the last sighting was in 2015 when two were seen near Northumberland and another near Northern Ireland.

Rescue teams have been on standby in case the whale gets into danger.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue said the presence of the beluga is "concerning as it's not a common species, however it's swimming strongly and feeding", according to Sky News.

Tanya Ferry, environment manager at the Port of London Authority, said it was unclear what the whale could eat.

"We wouldn't go anywhere near it in a boat. We could just do more harm than good".

He shared videos online, saying it hasn't moved more than 200m in any direction.

An AFP photographer saw the whale surfacing in the same area on Wednesday.

They are considered "extremely sociable mammals" and live in pods.

Photographers line the banks of the Thames to snap the whale.

A whale is filmed swimming in the River Thames.

Beluga whales can grow up to 20ft in length and are usually at home in the icy waters around Greenland, Svalbard or the Barents Sea.

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