Fitness Trackers Now Mandatory for All John Hancock Life Insurance Policies

Marco Green
September 22, 2018

All of John Hancock's policies will now be "interactive" - collecting fitness data through wearable devices like smartwatches and FitBits, according to a BBC News report. Also known as "interactive health insurance", Vitality wants customers to be more active through incentives-and it's planning to use this model for all future life policies. The 156-year-old insurer will not convert existing life insurance policies into the Vitality program until 2019, according to Reuters. The points are translated into discounts.

Hancock has offered "interactive policies" since 2015, offering discounts for healthy behaviors such as exercising or buying healthy foods - saving itself money by paying out fewer claims.

"There are a number of ways you can earn rewards throughout this program ... whether that's getting a regular checkup or whether that's eating healthy or reading news releases that we have in terms of how to eat nutritionally", Harrison said.

Discovery's model of incentivising healthy living is making huge inroads in the US. Soon all John Hancock life insurance policyholders will be switched to that program, which offers discounts and gift cards to anyone willing to track their health information.

"We have smartphones, smart cars and smart homes". John Hancock Vitality members, meanwhile, take almost twice as many steps as the national average, have logged more than 3 million healthy activities and engage with the program about 576 times per year. Wearing a smart device is not mandatory to keep your insurance. "We are very appreciative of the thorough and expedited review and approval by the California Department of Insurance, which made California one of the first states to approve our innovative new product".

One of North America's largest life insurance providers will now sell only policies that include digital fitness tracking. The product has been available in other countries for some time.

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