FEMA Administrator Uses Spousal Abuse to Dispute Puerto Rico Death Toll

Elias Hubbard
September 18, 2018

Long said Trump, who says the death toll was improperly inflated to defame his administration, was defending the work FEMA has done in Puerto Rico.

FEMA Administrator Brock Long said Sunday that the figures for how many people died in Puerto Rico previous year as a result of Hurricane Maria are "all over the place", echoing President Donald Trump's doubts about a study that found there were almost 3,000 excess deaths on the island in the months after the storm.

They added that this month the governor of Puerto Rico raised the death count to around 2,975, and that President Trump was "seeking praise" for the administration's relief efforts after the storm.

In the end, Long said, "these studies are all over the place", mentioning George Washington and Harvard.

"What happens, even in this event, you might see more deaths indirectly occur as time goes on because people have heart attacks due to stress, they fall off their house trying to fix their roof".

It's not over between President Trump and the media over the death toll in Puerto Rico, but there is some evidence the president's tweets have made the media rethink how it reports on his story.

On Sunday, Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Brock Long refused to support the George Washington University study that found that at least 2,975 deaths were linked to Hurricane Maria. By identifying the preventable causes of these deaths, we can save lives the next time a fierce storm hits.

"Spousal abuse goes through the roof". He said the focus should be on deaths directly caused by the disaster. More fatalities had been expected, and the government hired a team from George Washington University to review the number based on death certificates and a more in-depth research.

Long's remarks came after Trump on Thursday denied that there was a high death toll from Hurricane Maria.

It has been that this Puerto Rico has got less attention which is in spite of being which is one of the worst disasters in the modern American history which is more than Katrina and are far less attention than we have got from the Superstorm Sandy.

Trump did not claim the count included every person who died on the island in the ensuing six months.

The Washington Post and The Vox took similar approaches to CNN, writing scathing reviews of President Trump's tweets and going on to describe the trauma that Puerto Ricans faced with lack of healthcare, electricity and food.

She said her grandfather was in a medical facility in Puerto Rico and "passed away in the middle of the night" after the storm. They are children with illnesses. "And when power is not restored, when infrastructure is not taken seriously, these are the first people who pass away in storms".

Long has maintained that he never intentionally misused government vehicles, and said he'd cooperate with any investigation.

"I would never intentionally violate any rules that I was aware of", he said.

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