Academic Slams Airline For Referring To Her As 'Miss' And Not 'Doctor'

Marco Green
September 8, 2018

Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer, an Australian now working in the United Kingdom, did what everyone does when they're angry in 2018 and took to social media to complain about the incident.

She said the staff member had looked at her ticket where it said she was a doctor but still called her Miss - claiming the person had "decided it was a typo".

The comment drew thousands of replies, some for her argument and some against, with much of the debate centring around whether the attendant was wrong to not pick up on the Dr on her ticket.

After tweeting at the Australian airline, Siobhan O'Dwyer responded to criticism on Twitter, writing, "This was not about my ego".

In response to the heated conversation, Dr O'Dwyer clarified, "Copping so much flack for this tweet".

"It was about highlighting one of a thousand instances of sexism that women encounter every day. It's not about the title, it's about the fact that this wouldn't have happened if I was a man", Dr O'Dwyer wrote.

"Some time ago while trying to purchase an airline ticket, my son-in-laws mum (also a Dr) found she couldn't select the fields "female" & "Dr"... the Dr salutation only worked with the "male" selection", someone wrote.

Dr. O'Dwyer refused Fox News' request for comment.

'I did not spend 8 years at university to be called Miss, ' Dr O'Dwyer (left) reasoned.

She also said: 'I'm first gen to finish high school (let alone get several degrees) in my family.

Victoria Jones tweeted, "When I was a Miss I wasn't called Miss, I don't get called Mrs and I doubt I'll ever hear Dr".

Whatever your take on the issue, it's clear that we need to start having an open and honest discussion about how we treat female doctors, professors, and other academics and avoid making snap judgements about them based exclusively on their gender.

Many people took offence with Dr Thomson's use of the term "trolley dolly", saying it was disrespectful to women and the profession.

One fellow flight attendant wrote: "Please don't refer to us as trolley dollies".

"I don't want to provide further opportunities for attack", she tweeted.

'You're asking for trouble on an aircraft.

Qantas said it stood by the professionalism of their cabin crew in a statement to Daily Mail Australia. A passenger gets stuck and they'll ask you for help, ' he tweeted.

"We are extremely proud of our cabin crew who respectfully serve our customers day in and day out and play a vital safety role", A Qantas spokesperson told Yahoo on Thursday.

People divided over her reasoning of the incident - some people have said she's making a mountain out of a molehill, other say it was simply sexism.

She tweeted, "This was not about my ego".

- Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer (@Siobhan_ODwyer) September 2, 2018I often travel with male colleagues who do get "Dr" and then I get called "Miss".

'Why don't the trolls understand that it's about equality?,' argued another.

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