You Can Download Windows 95 As A Self-Contained, Multi-Platform App

Joanna Estrada
August 27, 2018

He's turned Windows 95 into an Electron app, which means that it's capable of running not only on modern Windows PCs, but macOS and Linux as well.

Just to be clear, this isn't a gimmick, like a website with limited functionality dressed up to look like Windows 95. The Windows 95 app is around 100MB in size for all platforms, and it's based on an existing web project that can run a handful of classic operating systems.

While you can run and use most programs and tools of the Windows 95 distribution, you will notice that some cannot be launched or don't work properly.

Rieseberg has posted the source code and installers to a library on GitHub, where he tells us that this is indeed the full version of Windows 95 and that it runs "quite well".

Do you pine for the days of the Start button, Microsoft Paint, the iconic Solitaire, and Minesweeper?

While the wish list text link is now live on the video game and app product pages in Microsoft Store, the feature does not appear to be functional just yet, with nothing actually happening when it is clicked upon. It's Windows 95, sure, but some components don't work: Internet Explorer does nothing, nor does any other app that requires any kind of network access.

Another thing that is useful to know is that you need to use the Esc-key to move the mouse cursor out of the Windows 95 window and to lock it in again. Like stuffing Windows 95 inside a virtualised JavaScript wrapper so anyone can download it and run it like a regular desktop app.

Meet the Microsoft operating system that ushered in much of what we experience in desktop computing today.

Rieseberg mentions that Doom is working as well, but that you'd probably be better off running it though a virtualization app.

Users are also able to reset the Windows 95 instance if they encounter any problems when running it.

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