Lana Del Rey promises to visit Palestine ahead of Israel festival gig

Lawrence Kim
August 24, 2018

Del Rey posted her tweets in response to the calls by BDS members to cancel the singing performance, and included a petition entitled "Dear Lana, We Need to Talk about Your Appearance in Israel".

Del Rey's attempt to place herself and music above politics is belied by how Israel deliberately uses artists to whitewash its image, and it ignores Israel's targeted attacks on Palestinian cultural institutions - including the Israeli army's deliberate destruction of the Said al-Mishal cultural center in Gaza earlier this month, one of the few major venues in the besieged territory.

Last month, Alanis Morissette performed a show in Israel and told the crowd she loved being back in the country.

After one Twitter user claimed that a concert in Israel by the "Blue Jeans" singer, who is set to appear at the Meteor Festival in Tel Aviv this week, would be "used as propaganda to improve the image of Israel overseas", the musician responded by saying, "But could a person as good intentioned as I not perhaps with my presence bring attention to the fact that something should change and that a singer with a loving energy can help shift the energetic vibration of a location for the higher good even if it's just for a minute?" Among the most vocal proponents of the stance is Pink Floyd's Roger Waters.

In an Instagram post published late Tuesday, the American musician said she wants "peace for both Israel and Palestine".

"I'm not in anyway likening the gravity of certain travesties that have occurred in Israel to the current hardships we're facing here". To respect it as I, and many others do, is a political act of support for the Palestinian people in their struggle for basic human rights. The organisation said: "We would welcome you to Palestine should you cancel your Meteor performance, but we can not accept your token gesture as you step across our boycott picket line".

Del Rey is not without her supporters.

Responding to Waters, Del Rey wrote that she had read his "statement about taking action even when you believe in neutrality" and that she "totally understand [s] what you're saying and this is my action".

BDS South Africa has confirmed that it reached out to the management of Black Motion and arranged a meeting to inform the group about policies of the Israel government.

BDSSA also called on other artists, including American musician Lana De Rey, to also cancel their performances at the upcoming festival.

The festival is slated to be held at Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan on the Jordan River in the Upper Galilee.

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