Teen infected with hookworms after walking on Florida beach

Henrietta Strickland
July 27, 2018

Days later, bumps appeared on his leg and gaping wounds had encompassed his right foot.

The teen was diagnosed with hookworms, which are parasites that can infect both people and animals.

Now, Kelli says she's sharing her son's story to warn parents about the parasites and prevent a similar situation from occurring to their children.

Michael Dumas, 17, got hookworms when his friends buried him in the sand at a Florida beach on June 20.

Soon after, the teen started feeling itchy, and he later developed blisters, scrapes and rashes on his lower body, Local Memphis reported.

Dumas said the doctor gave Michael an antibiotic and an anti-parasitic but the medication "wasn't working fast enough", so she made an emergency appointment with a dermatologist earlier this month.

According to the CDC, someone with a mild infection may have no symptoms. People with more severe infections may also have abdominal pain, diarrhea, a decreased appetite and weight loss, among other things.

"How many people have been on the beach since June 19?" He was buried in the sand for fun and it has become our nightmare. At least four other people in Dumas' group were also infected that day. "One of them is 3 inches by 3 inches".

In the USA and Canada, the medications can be expensive: Mulhollen Dumas says her son is taking an antibiotic and two anti-parasitic drugs, including one that has cost her more than US$1,300, even with her insurance coverage. The teen has reportedly been left home-bound by the infection and needs to soak in bleach water each day.

Dumas told Fox 13 Memphis that part of his treatment included an attempt to freeze the worms.

She added that he now can not wear shoes and needs to soak the infected area in bleach water every day.

Michael's mother, Kelli Dumas, documented the gruesome scene on Facebook as her son's feet swelled up from the infection and required dermatologists to try to freeze the worms with liquid nitrogen.

'He is in pain and this is bad.

She adding that she called the Health Department for the City of Pompano Beach to tell them what happened to Michael.

She also claimed that Pompano Beach health officials told her that everyone knows to wear shoes because of the risk of parasites.

"I assured them everyone does NOT KNOW THAT", she wrote in the post, which has been shared more than 8,300 times.

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