Woman has 50-pound cyst removed after months of unexplained health issues

Henrietta Strickland
June 30, 2018

Rahn said she was plagued by stomach issues, pain and weight gain for months before the surgery. According to Jackson Hospital, Rahn had been trying to lose weight for about a year, but instead kept gaining pounds. She had even been asked if she was carrying twins, the hospital said. They would also volunteer to load groceries for her. "I remember telling my mom I knew they were going to fix it", Rahn said.

It wasn't until recently that Rahn learned what was really happening: A watermelon-sized cyst was growing inside her ovary and squishing her other organs - a potentially risky situation, her physicians said.

In February, a 24-person team removed a 132-pound mucinous cyst from a CT woman's left ovary after she'd gained 10 pounds every week for two months, Fox 61 reported.

Rahn had a type of tumor known as a mucinous cystadenoma, according to WSFA. "We are very excited things went well for her". "But I had such an awesome support system, I didn't have a chance to be anxious about anything".

Medical personnel extracted the cyst, which weighed about the equivalent of five bowling balls, after Kayla Rahn was admitted to the hospital in May 2018.

After her mother took her to the emergency department at Jackson Hospital, doctors informed the 30-year-old that she had a massive cyst located on one of her ovaries. Doctors at Jackson Hospital ran a series of tests and found a large mass in her ovaries.

"As soon as I got home and was able to move a little, I tried every shirt I had on and it was awesome", she said.

"I couldn't even walk to my vehicle without losing my breath, "Rahn recalled to NBC12, adding that she was once asked if she was pregnant with twins".

"I legit looked like I was a solid 9 months pregnant", she said.

What is an ovarian cyst?


The surgeon explained that once the body has been decompressed, some patients can experience changes in blood pressure or electrolyte or renal issues.

Though 100-pound growths are rare, ovarian cysts are not. She's now able to wear clothes that she couldn't fit into before.

"It should help form a body part as you develop", she said. It's important, she said, for people to press for answers concerning their medical problems.

Doctors told Rahn she simply needed to lose weight, but despite her weight-loss efforts, she continued to put on pounds.

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