Runners May Live Longer

Ruben Hill
June 15, 2018

It is common knowledge that regular exercising is beneficial  for your health . While there are a wide range of exercises you  can do, some exercises come with even more benefits. Running, for instance, can protect you against cardiovascular diseases, amongst others Fitness experts  recommend that you try to incorporate running into your routine, as its benefits are many. You should also be able to shed some weight. Running plays a great role in achieving your fitness goals, but you should not overdo it. To boost your endurance, strength and even recovery, you could consider using steroids. You can Acheter Steroid online from various  trustworthy sources. Spare some time  during the week to run, and you will avoid potential health complications while improving your lifespan.


Two hours a week is enough

Studies show that runners have a lesser risk of dying from diseases compared to those who do not run at all. This research further concludes that you can increase your life expectancy by an average of three years if you  run. Remember that you don’t have to run for prolonged periods of time. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, try to spare a few minutes in the day to run. . Doing it in an extreme manner, however, can cause health problems and even lead to injury .


Tips for safe running

Some benefits can accompany running as an exercise, but still, it often becomes difficult  for the body. Here are some tips which most fitness experts recommend that can help bring down the injury risk to those who have just started running.


1. Take it easy


You should not run for a long time or  too fast. A lot of injuries obtained from running occur by runners pushing themselves too hard. Remember that your body requires some time to adapt to an increase in distance or  speed. Your muscles and joints also need enough time for recovery. As such, you should avoid extremes.


2. Listen to your body


Listening to your body is vital during  any exercise, not just running. Running injuries  do not come abruptly; there are often previous indications  . Should you feel some aching or soreness in your muscles, that means your body is suggesting that it’s time to stop and  rest.


3. Cross train

Fitness experts  suggest mixing running with other exercises that are easier for the body, like yoga. Running as the sole exercise can be quite difficult for your body, but if you do other additional activities, you can boost your muscle balance and potentially avoid  injury.

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