CD Projekt RED releases tons of new details about Cyberpunk 2077

Joanna Estrada
June 13, 2018

That being said, the developers have been careful to explain that it's a first-person RPG with some shooter elements, not a FPS with a layer of RPG on top.

Gameplay will be in first-person, whereas cutscenes will be third-person. Rather, players will be able to choose perks and skills that suit their preferences as they play, allowing them to create their own class over time.

Players play as V, a hired gun on the rise, who just got their first serious contract. And of course, you can drive, something you probably already surmised given that the game's most prominent piece of art so far is a dude leaning against a vehicle. There are a lot of different roles in the game which players can pick up roles.

However, the progression system's contents are centered around three styles of play that do closely match three specific pen-and-paper classes: Solo, Techie, and Netrunner.

Speaking of the influence of other movies/games on the theme of the game, the devs said that they created a cyberpunk atmosphere during the day time to give an atmospheric Noir feeling that people get from Blade Runner. However, keep in mind that even these choices greatly affect gameplay so you have to be prepared. Companions may be temporary sidekicks as they were in The Witcher 3, or they may be more permanent like they were in Fallout 4.

Combat - Ranged combat and Melee combat. Unlike The Witcher 3, which had plenty of wide open fields and dense forests, Cyberpunk 2077 has towering skyscrapers, some of which are enterable "megabuildings". There is also a tease of having flying cars.

You can enjoy some new artwork below, showing scenes and player character samples for a male and female V.

V's personality is shaped by player.

Backstory and interaction will shape who V is.

Details of the world - everything has a objective.

Exploration is encouraged as the world is huge, vertically huge to be exact.

Night City - in between SF and LA (fictional city). With 6 distinct districts to explore, hundreds of buildings and thousands rooms to enter, and dozens of miles of roads to hit, there are always places to be and things to do.

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