Atlantic City vs Las Vegas

Elias Hubbard
June 6, 2018

When you think of gambling cities around the world, not just in America, two of the first to pop up in your thoughts will be Atlantic City and Las Vegas. You could, in many ways, describe them as bit of a mecca when it comes to gambling, but the question is, which is better? With so much on offer in both Atlantic City and Las Vegas for those who love casinos and the glitz and glamour that come with it, lets take a closer look at who has the edge.

The main difference between Atlantic City and Las Vegas, the one that youll notice immediately, is that the former has beaches whereas the latter doesnt. This immediately gives Atlantic City a bit of an edge because who prefers a desert over a beach? The Atlantic City Boardwalk is the place to be when youre in the area and with many quality casinos on offer, such as Caesars and the soon to be opened Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, you know that youre in for a thrilling time if gambling is your thrill of choice.

Theres so much more to Atlantic City than casinos though as the whole place really gives visitors a resort feeling that they wont find in Las Vegas. Theres a lot to be said about the entertainment on offer in Atlantic City too, with comedians, singers and bands regularly being hosted at venues such as Harrah’s Resort and the Golden Nugget, and theres also shows such as musicals to catch too.

Now, when it comes to Las Vegas, in many peoples eyes theres simply no other place like it on earth. Its an area that is thriving with activity, as well as all the glitz and glamour you could ever want and need. Its the Las Vegas Strip that really brings the area to life and visitors will quickly find themselves with over 30 casinos in easy reach when they visit the South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Whether you like shows from award winning companies like Cirque du Soleil, watching superstar pop acts such as Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift, or even partying in the same places as the likes of Madonna, then Las Vegas is the place to be. It has quality in abundance and that includes gaming venues, fine dining, hotels and entertainment hubs. In many respects its a must visit place, and one that should definitely be ticked off of the bucket list.

When it comes to comparing the two places, its very hard to pick between Atlantic City and Las Vegas, but in our eyes Atlantic City just has the edge. This is more or less down to the area and the resort aspect, over everything else. Both Atlantic City and Las Vegas have top casinos, luxury hotels, superb fine dining and plenty of entertainment on offer, but Atlantic City has beaches, and this not only gives visitors to the area a bit more of a holiday feel, it also offers them the chance to relax and to escape the hustle and bustle too. 

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