Answering your questions on the proposed Head Tax

Marco Green
May 11, 2018

The Seattle City Council is considering requiring large companies in the city to pay an additional $500 per person head tax.[1] After a two-year phase-in, the tax would be even higher for the largest companies in the city.

Julie Moore, the spokeswoman for the city's Finance and Administrative Services department says that as of last Friday, the office had received more than $4 million in first-quarter tax payments.

"Instead of a strategic plan to address growth, the council has proposed to tax only 3% of our city's largest business [es]", the letter said, adding, "This is like telling a classroom that the students who do the most homework will be singled out for detention". Almost 600 large employers making at least $20 million in gross revenue would pay about $500 a year per worker.

Should the city pass the tax when they vote on it next week?

Tuccille argues that locales that want healthy economies would be well-advised to avoid emulating Seattle's mistake of abusing the businesses that help to create prosperity.

The council is weighing possible changes to the proposal measure this week.

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