SEGA Ages Could Expand To Saturn And Dreamcast Games Following Initial Wave

Joanna Estrada
April 17, 2018

Now, decades after Nintendo essentially eliminated the Sega Genesis console, Sega is having to rely on its former competitor to keep its games in distribution.

Only Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV and Phantasy Star were confirmed to start, but later in the day Alex Kidd and arcade title Gain Ground were confirmed as well.

Last week at SEGA Fes, the publisher announced the revival of SEGA Ages, a series of re-releases for classic SEGA games poised to hit Nintendo Switch.

What titles would you hope to see on the Switch from SEGA's golden years?

During a press conference this week, Sega announced its plans to bring some of its classic titles to Nintendo's newest gaming console. This bundle is called SEGA AGES and will contain fifteen retro titles. It was revealed that for Sonic the Hedgehog, elements from the 3DS version would be added, including the Spin Dash move and some features from the Mega Play arcade version.

Sega revealed that a bunch of classic Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System titles will be released on Nintendo Switch under the Sega Ages label.

The 16-bit console will release in Japan first, to commemorate the original Mega Drive's 30th anniversary, and the United States and other unspecified territories will be getting the console later this year, according to a since-deleted Facebook post from AtGames. The first SEGA AGES batch will come out this summer.

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