Florida police officer suggests Parkland shooting a hoax on Facebook, is reassigned

Elias Hubbard
April 11, 2018

An Interior Department official stirred up controversy in a recent Facebook post when he compared a photo of Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg raising his hand to a Nazi salute.

Another post under Harrell's name, on March 22, referred to five of the school's students featured on a Time magazine cover as "ALL PAID ACTORS/ACTRESSES!" "The Nazis took everyone's guns away too", he wrote on March 24.

"Is this child giving a nazi salute?" the Interior official wrote in his now removed social media post.

Officials concluded "the Police Foundation was the best choice to deliver a comprehensive, fact-based and unbiased after-action report, conducted in a thorough and deliberate manner", Assistant County Administrator Alphonso Jefferson said in a prepared statement.

Besides the Newtown police chief, the Police Foundation team looking into the Parkland shootings will include experts in the field of public safety response to critical incidents, psychology of school shooters, school safety, security and emergency preparedness. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the county's sheriff department and the CIA's supposed "Project MKUltra mind control techniques", according to the publication.

He also reportedly shared articles defending President Donald Trump's "shithole countries" comment and the ones calling former President Barack Obama an "anti-Semite".

But his career took a downturn in 2000, when he was convicted of "attempted malicious wounding" for cutting the brakes on his ex-girlfriend's vehicle, causing her to crash. However, Sabo was convicted of "attempted malicious wounding" and sentenced to 18 months in prison. He petitioned to be readmitted to the bar in DC in 2011 and was denied - in part because he pleaded guilty to another criminal charge in 2009 that involved taking items from a Home Depot without paying for them and attempting to return them.

The charges were dismissed after he completed his community service hours and paid a fine. The station previously was owned by Emmis Communications.

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals overruled the Bar and reinstated him in 2012.

Allman hasn't responded to messages from The Associated Press seeking comment.

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