Instagram is preparing to launch Nametags

Joanna Estrada
April 10, 2018

Now, the latest Snapchat feature that has been copied by Instagram is Snapcodes which is called Instagram Nametags.

Once users have access, they'll be able to hit a QR scanner button on their profile to bring up the Nametag editor.

These include a background that matches Instagram's purple colour, a pattern adorned with an emoji, or a selfie you can modify with the app's face filters (the augmented reality masks it also pinched from Snapchat) that also becomes an emoji pattern. The user's Instagram username appears in the center.

This feature has been confirmed by the folks at TechCrunch in which Instagram confirmed to the publication that the feature is now in testing. Either way we'll keep our eyes peeled, but you can check out a demo of the Nametag feature in the video above.

Well, once a Nametag has been created, it can be shared with others so that they can follow you easily by scanning it.

While the feature looks incredibly polished, it's not yet functional. These days, it is infamous for copying Snapchat features like Stories.

In Instagram's case, the premise is the same where users scan a Nametag to start following that user. They can share it on other social media networks, or even print it out, which would allow other users to follow them just by scanning it.

And if you're an aspiring influencer, you could plaster it on stickers, posters, and merchandise.

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