'YouTube Kids' to display videos hand-picked by curators

Joanna Estrada
April 8, 2018

The concept of YouTube Kids, their version of YouTube that only shows videos suitable for children, is great. It offers parental controls and video filters, plus parents have the ability to set a password so their children don't accidentally stumble upon potentially unsuitable content.

The rumour comes via BuzzFeed New, who were told that this new app was being worked on by "a source familiar with YouTube's plans". Content creators would post videos of what looked like child-friendly characters like Dora the Explorer or Peppa Pig, and then show them performing harmful or disturbing actions.

Google will be getting rid of the algorithm, and channels will be allowed to upload content on the app on a case by case basis, that is to say, Google will be working from a whitelist, rather than try to fight the internet flood. Parents can make sure their children don't see any videos contain sexually explicit language, pedophilia jokes by turning off the algorithmically recommended videos. The app which is built to provide a safer online experience to the kids while watching videos on YouTube is showing them controversial videos that they otherwise shouldn't watch. In a statement YouTube issued to Business Insider last month, it said that "sometimes we miss the mark" on content appearing on the YouTube Kids app.

YouTube has made a number of efforts in order to ensure kid-friendly videos, as well as to combat misinformation.

An upcoming, technically-not-yet-confirmed new version of the app eliminates the algorithm that selects which videos show up for viewing.

The source said the two apps will exit together, so it's possible that the new YouTube Kids app could come with a modified or a new name.

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