An Internet Challenge has Teenagers Snorting Condoms

Henrietta Strickland
April 2, 2018

While it sounds like an April Fool's joke, educators are warning about a "condom challenge" being spread online by YouTube videos and social media.

When you search "condom challenge" on YouTube, you actually see two kinds of video challenges: 1) videos of people plopping water-filled condoms over their faces, and 2) teenagers snorting condoms up their nose until it comes out through their mouth. The videos were later removed from the social media platform as it violated the site's policy on harmful and unsafe content, ABC News reported.

One of the first condom-snorting challenge videos was posted by YouTube star Savannah Strong in 2013, according to ABC News.

The videos showing teens attempting the Condom Challenge are cringe worthy.

"Even if you manage to successfully pull the condom out through your mouth, inhaling a condom up your nose would be very uncomfortable and potentially quite painful", writes Bruce Y. Lee, an associated professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in the Forbes report.

The Condom Challenge was just one of many unsafe teen trends that parents were taught of in a new San Antonio class for parents who want to better understand what their kids are doing behind closed doors, KMPH reported. "Because these days our teens are doing everything for likes, views, and subscribers", Texas education specialist Stephen Enriquez tells KMPH.

The internet has seen the "Tide Pod challenge" and the "cinnamon challenge", but the most recent online challenge is risky, and perhaps, the most disturbing of them all.

In this photo, condoms filled with water hang from a display during an event to mark International Condom Day in New Delhi, India, on February 13, 2018.

The snorting condoms challenge seems to have taken the place of the Tide Pods Challenge.

The challenge became so risky, it drew a warning from the American Association of Poison Control Centers. It required them to eat Tide Pods, which are small pods containing laundry detergent that looked like candy due to their colors.

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