Arkansas Anti-Gun Walkout Students Paddled

Lawrence Kim
March 17, 2018

The 17-year-old student detailed what happened that day in a written statement to The Daily Beast. They say it is going to be different this time, after Parkland, and I want it to be.

That's when the trouble started.

The three Arkansas students were the only protesters on campus. He offered us two choices of punishment, both of which had to be approved by our parents. We would either suffer two "swats" from a paddle or two days of in-school suspension.

"They choose this and we supported their choice", she said.

Even though corporal punishment was banned four years back in 31 states, 19 states still allow schools to use this form of conventional punishment.

According to Arkansas Matters, the school superintendent in Greenbrier said the three students who walked out had not asked for permission to take part in the protest.

Wylie Greer told CNN that only he and two other students walked out, and while they were sitting outside the school building, the principal approached and asked if they knew "there would be consequences" for their action. Her tweet amassed over 18,000 retweets and 67,000 likes. "I felt if I stood up and took the punishment in an honorable way, that it was better than doing what they wanted me to do which is shut up and go on with our lives".

She explained the school called the corporal punishment, "swats". "This generation is not playing around". That includes actress Patricia Arquette.

Three students at a public high school in a small Arkansas town were swatted twice on the rear end by a school official for walking out of school to protest in favor of gun control this past week.

"It's hard to just say yes to no, you have to look at the background and what led up to the corporal punishment", says Gary Greene. But while the incident angered many online, others in the community of Greenbrier didn't seem as upset by it.

"I raised my kids in the 60s and 70s". "They got paddled at school".

He said they did not get in trouble for protesting. The punishment was not dealt with malice or cruelty, in fact, I have the utmost respect for all the adults involved. "I hope that this is changed, in Greenbrier, and across the country", he said.

"They were merely doing their job as the school board and school policy dictated", he said.

But the high schooler argued that there was a unusual irony in being paddled for protesting against gun violence.

All corporal punishment shall be administered privately, i.e. out of the sight and hearing of other students, shall not be excessive, or administered with malice, and shall be administered in the presence of another school administrator or designee who shall be a licensed staff member employed by the District. The idea that violence should be used against someone who was protesting violence as a means to discipline them is appalling.

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