Arrow season 6, episode 15 recap: Doppelgänger

Elias Hubbard
March 9, 2018

"Doppelganger" starts with Thea walking into Oliver's office with his attorney.

So, the question last week wasn't, "Where had Black Siren stumbled to?" but "What was she up to?" She's asked whether or not Oliver is the Green Arrow and she doesn't respond to the reporter's questions. Oliver and gang don't expose this obvious lie because Black Siren holds exposing their true identities over all their heads. Then she got blown up and spent months in a coma. Like most of season 6, "Doppelganger" opens with Oliver receiving a cavalcade of new problems and quickly going on the defensive to fix them. According to her, she was pretending to be Laurel Lance; she might as well start acting like her. Curtis was only in a single scene to update Rene's daughter (and the audience) about Rene's condition. However, the prosecutor has an ace up his sleeve in the guise of one Roy Harper.

Meanwhile, Team Arrow is trying to find a way to save Roy.

Lance visits Siren in the hospital, who's there to protect his daughter's doppelganger from Dinah. The doctor tells Dinah that she pronounced Laurel dead and sent her body to the morgue for an autopsy. Outside, we see Siren being hauled off to Ricardo Diaz's hideout. So Oliver is forced to let Diaz go. And Diaz's plans (which include Laurel and Anatoly) are seemingly going the way they are supposed to. Siren tries convincing the Russian that Diaz has had his own agenda this whole time. Or, who knows, maybe she'll stick around and Roy's return will help spur some better stories for Thea in the long run. The sad news is that Roy's arrival may mean the beginning of the end for another character: Thea herself. She cuts him free and the two kiss.

Thea was taken aback that her protective big brother was giving her the green light (not that she needed it) to join Roy in the fugitive life, but the stability of his personal life after finally marrying Felicity seems to have given Oliver some perspective, and he acknowledged that Thea might need more from her life than what she could get in Star City.

Welcome back, Roy Harper! He demanded the money that Cayden James embezzled from the city and informed her that their work together wasn't done. Dinah and Quentin are looking into the extensive police corruption (which actually reaches all the way to the chief), and Diaz is certainly shaping up to be a formidable baddie. She's brought before Diaz, who while not happy with her, isn't so unhappy he doesn't want to keep her as a part of his plans.

Roy's arc in this season isn't over yet, so only time will tell whether Thea decides to stay or go. When they get there to stop it, they find out they've been duped and the transport van is empty.

Before anyone can run away though, Roy has to be rescued from Diaz' men.

As for the endgame for pulling Roy back into Star City?

Meanwhile, in an attempt to keep herself from being slaughtered by Dinah (Juliana Harkavay), Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) chose to turn herself in to police custody, claiming to be Laurel Lance.

Oliver, Thea, and Diggle descend on the casino and the trio argue on whether o capture Diaz or save Roy. Oliver says they'll make both options their primary objective. Roy is the one that got away for her and he clearly reciprocates her feelings.

The trio tracks down Diaz, but they're ambushed by a group of heavily armed henchmen.

Next on Arrow: The series returns on March 29 with Thea taking on (or joining?) the League of Assassins.

Anyway, because it's Roy, Thea throws on the red hood for the first time in ages and infiltrates the hotel in order to free him.

They take Roy back to Arrow HQ, and they diagnose him with a few broken ribs.

The first major crisis is Black Siren's newest scheme. As she closed the door, she glanced at her phone, only to find a text from Diaz that read, "Good work". She's my favorite character on the show, and I love that she got an opportunity to play a more active role in the main action. Outside the window, we see a member of the League of Assassinsspying on the pair.

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