How to keep your Android smartphone secure from data theft and malware

Joanna Estrada
March 8, 2018

This will allow users to use their smartphone as keyboard or mouse. Android P also focuses on key bugfixes, and includes new APIs that allows password managers to improve the Autofill user experience, such as better dataset filtering, input sanitization, and compatibility mode. (A UID is the unique identifier given to each app when you install it.) It's likely there will be exceptions to this new privacy safeguard; wouldn't you want a microphone app to be able to support background recording?

One other bit about Quick Settings in the Android P Developer Preview is that you can now scroll down to see all of the available icons when the menu is fully open, rather than having to go through pages to see all of them.

Beyond those high-level highlights, there are dozens of other new features and enhancements, ranging from security improvements to accessibility to a new Neural Networks API (introduced in Android 8.1) to accelerate on-device machine learning on Android.

"After checking with Google, we confirmed that this isn't a fluke of the developer preview program-the Nexus 5X, 6P, and Pixel C won't be getting the final release of Android P", reads the report.

The two important features that are expected to be coming with Android P (referred internally at Google as "Pistachio Ice Cream") are revamped Material Design interface and support for atypical display types. "Applications intending to connect to destinations using only secure connections can opt-out of supporting cleartext to those destinations", Google explained.

Android P will add the Bluetooth HID device profile service to your smartphone. These functions are of use when it comes to voice calls or music streaming over the Bluetooth feature.

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