Theresa May says United Kingdom can 'set example to world' in Brexit deal

Elias Hubbard
March 6, 2018

He said while the speech included "a number of signals about the type of future economic relationship that the UK Government wants", it also recognised that the UK will "face hard choices" given the deviating direction the UK wishes to go after it leaves the EU.

Mr Corbyn said the Government had so far offered "no real solution" on Northern Ireland and had instead "rehashed an already discredited Government idea" to use a combination of technology and goodwill to ensure there is no hard border.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Mrs May's Brexit speech had "barely papered over the cracks" within her party and accused the PM of presiding over "20 wasted months" since the June 2016 referendum.

However, the Taoiseach said he welcomed that she gave a number of "important reassurances today", including restating her overall goal of a "very close relationship" with the European Union and the Good Friday Agreement.

He also questioned the UK's chances of agreeing a free trade deal with the U.S. in light of President Trump's recent announcement that he wanted to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.

Ms May made the comment in the House of Commons after a making statement on a key Brexit speech she delivered last Friday.

"We can not escape the complexity of the task ahead".

Speaking in the Commons on Monday, Mrs May said: "We can not escape the complexity of the task ahead".

It came as Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar rejected plans to hold three-way talks between the UK, Ireland and the European Union on the border issue as suggested by Mrs May.

"We must build a new and lasting relationship while preparing for every scenario".

"But with calm, pragmatic and patient discussion, I am confident we can set an example to the world".

Mr Bettel said solutions were needed because the time is ticking.

"There are guns and armed customs guards on that border".

"I have listened to the Prime Minister's speech, and we will study it closely", said the Taoiseach.

The Taoiseach, who previous year visited the US-Canada border, later said such a system would not solve the potential issues that could arise between the Republic and North after Brexit.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith praised the PM's leadership and said the United Kingdom should not accept it could not have the exact deal it wanted, telling MPs "cake exists to be eaten and cherries exist to be picked".

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