Max Polyakov Has Launched Space Program at Noosphere Engineering School

James Marshall
February 28, 2018


The Noosphere Engineering School (NES) was established in Dnipro four years ago as the result of the common initiative of Association Noosphere, founded by Max Polyakov, and Ukrainian universities. Despite its name, this place is not a traditional institution for Ukraine. It is a nice combination of experiential learning courses, lectures, non-formal communication with top experts, and further career support. The doors of NES are open for anyone, who has an ambitious idea and wants it to grow into a stand-alone startup. 

What programs has Noosphere Engineering School?

There are several directions, which NES students can develop their experience and gain knowledge in: robotics and electronics, games, IT-systems, effective nature management, and space. In addition, students learn how to become team-players and how to get good jobs in one of the high-tech companies that are members of Association Noosphere, founded by Max Polyakov. 

The youngest direction in the NES educational system is space. The Noosphere Space Engineering School was set up in 2017. Its main purpose is to increase student interest in space sciences as well as to design suborbital rockets and small satellites like CubeSats and CanSats.  

There were several laboratories set up that are dedicated to space:

-       Optimal Design Lab

-       Manufacturing Technology Lab

-       Non Destructive Testing Lab 

Noosphere Engineering Schools have been founded in four Ukrainian cities - Dnipro, Kiev, Cherkasy, and Rivne - at the initiative of NES main supporter and founder Max Polyakov. 

Over the past year the Noosphere Engineering School has hosted 5 innovative tournaments, which help its student to jump-start their creativity and to apply the knowledge they have gained. In December 2017, NES ran the space-themed tournament Star Track. The five teams with brightest ideas won cash prizes and further support to develop their projects. 

Students projects

The Noosphere Engineering School, founded by Max Polyakov, is a unique place, where everyone can grow their idea into an advanced project. There are 15 implemented ideas in the NES portfolio. This number is expected to grow in coming years. 

The first bright initiative, which was raised by NES students, is ArtOS. This system was invented for military use. It helps reduce the time preparing to fire artillery batteries. The control system ArtOS allows personel to aim guns at targets and fire a round within 2 minutes while reducing human error.

The second successful project, which was implemented at the Noosphere Engineering School, initiated by Max Polyakov, is My Police. This mobile app is designed to prevent crimes and to help citizens easily communicate with police.  

The next implemented idea, which was developed by students of the Engineering School, is Copter Race Timer. This scoring system is designed for global aerial sporting events like the FAI World Cup or World Games. It scores the flying time of each participant involved in a race. Copter Race Timer is integrated with one more Noosphere project, eNavigator, which automatically scores and airs competition results in real time. eNavigator was successfully tested at World Games 2017 in Poland. 

This is not a complete list of NES projects, which were developed by its students. There are a lot more awesome ideas and projects in IT and space that are waiting for further development and investigation within the walls of the Engineering School, initiated by Max Polyakov.


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