The Bachelor overnight dates spoilers: Someone's ex turns up!

Lawrence Kim
February 20, 2018

If they got engaged, he'd even give Kendall a "little room" to do her taxidermy in, Arie said, although from the looks of the room she already has, he might want to give her her own floor.

But the date doesn't stop there.

Bottom line - one girl won't have to say "yes" to a temporary engagement. Then, it's time to meet the family.

"I think it would be an fantastic experience getting to be the Bachelorette and to get to meet some fantastic men", Tia shared. Let's find out: To make sure Arie has a good time, she takes him race auto driving. Arie will force himself to shed a tear or two. It's only fitting to eat food that is also the name of the town. The official ABC synopsis teases a dinner table confrontation that ends in Arie leaving the room.

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with her at "The Bachelor's Women Tell All" taping last week and found out if she would ever wantto the job or not.

It was a solid hometown visit, and there weren't any major surprises. Kendall's sister and Tia's brother turned out to be pushovers, despite warnings to the contrary, so maybe Becca's Uncle Gary, a pastor who had become her second father after her dad died of a brain tumour, would give Arie a going over in Minneapolis. Arie told Jason he was falling for Tia and asked Kenny for his blessing should he end up proposing to her. Kenny readily granted it, joking, "If you hurt her I can find you on Google".

Becca's family is pretty skeptical about the whole process, and her mom admits she wouldn't be very comfortable giving her blessing for a proposal at this point.

"This should be her dad sitting here right now, not me", Gary says, getting emotional. "You have all these things, but you really need to stand up for yourself if necessary, ' and I feel like that's what I did", she added, noting that while Raven didn't end up with Nick, she did find love with Adam Gottschalk on Bachelor in Paradise. "I was invested. I could see a future with him, so it was very devastating to go through that". To prove their love, they recreate the cover of a romance novel and hold hands while riding horses on the beach in Virginia Beach. He said his biggest race was the Indy 500 and that he was approaching the same level of nervousness as that race.

Arie heads to Arkansas to meet up with Tia Booth next. "Then when I realized taxidermy existed, I realized it was a way to keep things forever".

Arie is stung and blindsided by Jacqueline's departure, but it's a new day and time for his one-on-one with Lauren. "[And] I feel that very much so ostracized me from the other women because they felt I was being disrespectful to them". When she returns, she proceeds to tell Bekah that she was just talking smack to Arie.

After four awkward dates, it's time for the rose ceremony. The women arrive in limos and await their fate.

Kendall and Arie greet each other with copious smooches and hugs before heading out to a nondescript-looking warehouse... filled with dead animals, of course. Arie walked her out and told her that she didn't do anything wrong, and that he didn't have a good explanation for not picking her. Tia and Arie have had a special connection since the beginning and all Arie has done is make her happy.

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