Republican candidate suspended from Twitter after posting racist Meghan Markle photo

Lawrence Kim
February 12, 2018

Markle, who is a mixed race, has been targeted by racist comments since it was revealed a year ago that she is dating Prince Harry.

It comes after the Cheddar Man - the name given to the oldest complete skeleton found in the United Kingdom - was revealed to have dark skin. The research made waves for overturning often-held assumptions that early Britain founders are fair-skinned.

Adams called Nehlen as a "sick man". Markle's face in the photo is replaced with that of Cheddar Man, a rendering of a man created from the DNA of a fossil found in the southwest England village of Cheddar. In the photo, Prince Harry was beside the Suits actress. Patrick J Adams, who played Markle's on-screen husband in the popular legal drama, condemned Republican businessman Paul Nehlen after he reportedly posted an edited image of Prince Harry's bride-to-be, who is biracial. Nehlen wrote in the caption.

Others took aim at Mr Nehlen and accused him of posting "racist tweets".

Twitter users lined up to condemn Nehlen, who refused to delete the shocking image.

"Publishing an article disappearing whites or dispossessing whites of their homelands is wrong; made worse when claiming "science" to "prove" whites never existed", he wrote in a tweet.

"Suits" actor Patrick J. Adams could not keep his silence on the recent racist comment against his friend and co-star, Meghan Markle. "It's not a laughing matter, so I chose to laugh about it".

A USA politician who sparked outrage by posting a racist picture Meghan Markle on Twitter has had his account suspended.

The Republican challenger is known for his controversial statements, particularly on Twitter.

The ban came after he published a "Jewish media" list of reporters at news organizations with Stars of David superimposed on their pictures.

"Of those 81 people, 74 are Jews, while only 7 are non-Jews", Nehlen wrote on Twitter.

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