Philly bakery names new doughnut in honor of Tom Brady's drop

Ruben Hill
February 9, 2018

They've never won before.

The social media fire regarding the lack of a Brady-Foles handshake should burn out eventually.

'Just this time. Daddy won five times.

The 37-year-old's response sparked immediate backlash with some interpreting it as Bundchen saying the Eagles didn't earn the Super Bowl title.

While Eagles fans from across the region descended on Philadelphia Thursday for the city's first-ever Super Bowl parade, Boston and the rest of New England were busy at school and work, except Tom Brady. Their whole life, they never won a Super Bowl.

Despite all the pandemonium following the final seconds of a Super Bowl, and then confetti covering the field as the winning team's celebrates, one of America's obsessions still seems to be if the losing quarterback does his duty and congratulates his adversary.

We don't want to drag Brady's kids into this, as some others have done, but it is kind of weak that Bundchen couldn't just tell them straight up that their Dad's team lost the game, fair and square. You have to let someone else win sometimes.' The internet is now attacking her for being a bad parent and being patronizing. "We have to share".

'Oh come on. Don't be so nit-picky. Gisele modeled good sportsmanship by posting her congrats to the Birds on Instagram. She was probably a little unprepared for the loss and did not know what to say. She said: "You have this kind of epiphany - I don't need to sweat the small stuff!" Heaven forbid you teach your kids that failure happens to the best of us and that it doesn't mean the effort wasn't worth it, ' one person tweeted.

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