The Bachelor Recap: Krystal Meets the 2-on-1

Lawrence Kim
February 6, 2018

"I feel like I can't open up until I trust someone", she said after the pair's awkward date walking around Paris, France. "I can def see myself falling in love with her". You've been through a lot of pain, like more pain than I can even understand, and it feels very controlled. It's been a long time since we have been able to make our way to Paris and I don't think we've ever had more fascinating living quarters than the U by Uniworld ship that was floating on the Seine (not to be confused with Seinne, who was also on the ship).

"I don't really have words", Krystal said, never taking that sweet but slightly psychotic smile off her face. This was enough to make Arie give a rose to Lauren B. The group date, thankfully, livened up the mood.

There was Lauren B. crying to a producer about how she's "getting pissed off by this whole thing" and "terrified that he's going to pick someone else", more people crying in Tuscany. and then Becca crying on a gray couch, Arie looking pensive on a gray couch while presumably Becca cries off-camera, and us not looking surprised that this season might not have a happy ending.

- Krystal has two male dogs that have captured her heart, and they are named Wayne and Chucky. Although there won't be much excitement during the one-on-one dates and the group dates, tonight's much-anticipated two-on-one date will be worth tuning in for.

Then Arie, like a total ding, went to Kendall and was like, "Hey, Krystal was saying she doesn't think you're ready for marriage".

In an exclusive sneak peek, Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. confessed to Kendall during a two-on-one date that Krystal made disparaging remarks about her. At least they won't be throwing each other around in a boxing ring.

After speaking with both women, Luyendyk said that wasn't ready to give out the rose and pushed the decision to dinner.

Because Arie has to drive a vehicle in every city just to prove that he can indeed drive, he picked Jacqueline up for their one-on-one in a red convertible ... only for the auto to break down before they left the parking lot. Arie says in the start of relationships there is romance. Krystal knew she was going to be on the date, but who was the poor soul to join her? This was one of those dates we get really excited about. The date quickly started to go south, though, with them struggling to make conversation and the Bachelor questioning if she even liked him, as Lauren kept mostly silent throughout the sightseeing.

Where Do We Go From Here? Despite all of that, she got a one-on-one date. After their vehicle breaks down, which allows Are to do manly mechanic things that are as successful as his racing career, it's a day of shopping and modeling the latest Parisian fashions before dining at Maxims.

At the after-party, Arie reminds the women that the Date Rose is just about his connection with the woman and not about her dance skills. She said Kendall was "patronizing".

Her career goals require a PhD, which means six more years of school.

It's shocking to see Chelsea go home. They'll cross that bridge when they have to, and love can overcome anything. After the cocktail party, Arie eliminates Jenna and Chelsea. It's tear-filled goodbyes for two.

Things are progressing as planned, but do you agree with Arie's decisions? Did you see a future with Jenna, Chelsea or Krystal? Well, the moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived. (To quote my wife, who may love Punxsutawney Phil more than me but less than our Frenchie, "It's so good, and so, so bad.") Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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