The hunt is on for meteorites in MI

James Marshall
January 20, 2018

Three meteorites found by Longway Planetarium Astronomers from Tuesdays' event were on display Friday morning. A major section of the fragment fell in the township of Hamburg. About two days prior to the entry of the meteorite inside Earth, it was far beyond the moon and now it is in our hands. "It's been a real good day".

Livingston County's Hamburg Township is expected to be swarming with meteorite hunters this weekend.

NASA scientists say the 6-foot-wide (2 meters) meteor broke apart about 20 miles (32 kilometers) over the Metro-Detroit area with most of the fragments landing in Hamburg Township, but they could be scattered across Mid-Michigan.

Ward is a prolific meteorite hunter, normally traveling overseas to find his space rocks.

'It's a really spectacular specimen, ' Ward said while holding one of the meteorites.

Ward said he utilized seismic information, Doppler radar and witness data to limit where to look. Everything came together on this one.

He declines to put a price on the meteorite he found. "I know because I've done this full time".

He was right. He found another one shortly before 1 p.m. and another while he was on the phone with a Free Press reporter at about 1:39 p.m.

Ward evaluates he's gathered around 600 shooting stars from around the globe throughout the years.

"I've been arrested and tried for spying in the Middle East and nearly abducted by the FARC - the cocaine guerillas - in Colombia", he said.

Ward said he plans to stay around until Sunday.

There are no doubt other meteorites in the area from this fall.

It can also be financially rewarding.

"Meteorites are exceedingly rare", Pitt said.

All three meteorite specimens, as they were found in the snow.

Meteorite hunters who flocked to Detroit from across the US after a meteor exploded are finding the fragments. The small fragments of rock that reach the surface of the Earth are termed as meteorites which are very valuable to space rock collectors from all over the world.

"The most important thing is to look for something that seems unnatural to the rest of the environment", Pitt said.

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