Mammoth skeleton sells for almost €550000 at French auction

James Marshall
December 17, 2017

History in private hands: The skeleton sold at Saturday's auction is believed to be the largest mammoth skeleton to be privately owned, according to Aguttes. The skeleton was sold off such a high price considering its "fine condition" and also that it retained 80 percent of its original bones.

Most of the animals died out more than 10,000 years ago, but the last surviving group lived on an island in the Arctic Ocean and survived until 4,000 years ago.

The striking artifact was carefully assembled and mounted in a forward walking position with its enormous curved tusks pointing downwards, the Mail Online reported. The chief executive of a French waterproofing company whose logo is a prehistoric mammal bought the skeleton.

"We are going to display it in the lobby of our firm", said Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler, the CEO of Soprema.

It was eventually sold for €548,250, having been brought to auction by an unnamed English lord, and will now sit in the foyer of Bindschedler's business headquarters. Experts said that the skeleton must be at least 10,000 years old and the mammoth must have weighed close to 3,000 pounds.

Woolly mammoth belong to the early age of human being, with many of them dying around 10,000 years ago.

The first complete mammoth skeleton to be sold at auction in France garnered 150,000 euros in 2006.

But they came under threat from increased hunting pressure and a warming climate before disappearing entirely from the Earth 3,700 years ago. Mammoth remains are frequently found in Siberia and Russia's northern regions. In October 2012, another was sold for nearly $283,000.

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