NY Gov. Proposes Closing Gun Loophole In Domestic Violence Laws

Elias Hubbard
December 14, 2017

Andrew Cuomo told a female journalist she was doing "a disservice to women" Wednesday by asking what his administration was doing to confront sexual harassment in state government.

"Thus while I continue to harbor concerns about diminishing the court's discretion in these cases, it is outweighed by the greater principle of increasing transparency", Cuomo said.

Cuomo said he will again forward legislation in the upcoming legislative session that would apply the state freedom of information law equally to the executive and legislative branches.

Dewitt's initial question referred to criticism that Cuomo's administration didn't do enough to stop a sexual assault allegedly perpetrated by Sam Hoyt, who worked in the New York State Assembly until 2011.

Cuomo, a Democrat, announced Wednesday he will push for a measure that would add all domestic-violence misdemeanors to the state's list of crimes that force the surrender of firearms.

Several state lawmakers have faced allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct in recent years.

The new proposal also asks for the surrender of rifles and shotguns if there is a conviction related to domestic violence, or an order of protection has been issued against a person.

"When you say, 'It's state government, ' you do a disservice to women, with all due respect, even though you're a woman", Cuomo said to New York State Public Radio's Karen DeWitt.

"We will have policies in state government, obviously, that affects state government", he said. "But I think you miss the point". It's not government, it's society. "It's society. It was Harvey Weinstein in the arts industry, it's comedians, it's politicians, it's chefs". It's not just Charlie Rose.

But groups that regularly use FOIL to obtain documents hailed the new law, saying it could press agencies to more fully cooperate with the spirit and letter of the statute. And just last month, Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R) was sanctioned for sexual harassment and can no longer have interns, following a 17-month investigation into his behavior.

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