How to become competent? Six steps to literacy

Elias Hubbard
December 9, 2017

An educated person can not have extensive knowledge without knowing the elementary one. Without a base provided by the school, it is impossible to obtain a higher education. And higher education envisages a very wide range of knowledge: both in the humanities and in technical universities, in addition to the basic subjects, many others are studying: history and philosophy, logic and economics, mother tongue and foreign languages, do paper writing, etc. All sciences are closely related to each other, and one can not be a great specialist without knowing the basic and the fact that one way or another encounters the area of knowledge in which you are well oriented.

Very often students must do essay writing on every faculty. But how to learn to write correctly and without errors? Because the mistakes in the text are very disappointing: they are like pits on the road or as spots on clothes. If you love to do everything in order, then you will try to write correctly. What to do, if all the time from time to time in Your works, control works, or letters there are errors?

You order rules for writing words by heart, but that does not help? Of course, because you do not call this method effective. To acquire new knowledge and skills is best in practice.

Let's start... Some writing tips:

  1. Read. This is the first and most important advice. We advise you to take quality artistic literature - so you quietly remember for yourself the correct spelling of words and punctuation marks, as well as interesting words and stylistic techniques. Regardless of which literature you choose to study, you need to read it only in a calm atmosphere. Do not expect that newspapers will help you to improve the level of knowledge in spelling words when you read them in noisy places.

  2. When you are in doubt - stop. Reading good texts will teach you the absence of errors. But when you go on the street and see an advertising poster, or if you communicate with e-mails with friends, at some point you may well think: “There is something wrong here.” If Toby's eyes are something weird or unusual, it's a signal to the time to work!

  3. Buy a dictionary and manuals on the language in which paper writing is to be executed. And once you “stumble” by reading some text - immediately check if there are errors. When you are given the opportunity to study a ready-made rule at school, this is one thing. When you encountered a problem and decided it yourself - it's completely different.

  4. Just do the same with your own lyrics. By the way, many advise to necessarily say what you write, that it will reduce the number of spelling mistakes. Try it!

  5. Even if it seems to You that you are writing right now, do not hurry to rejoice. It is possible that you do not use the wrong words, even though you do not have that. Therefore, we advise you to work on the style of speech. Get a tutorial, and find interesting projects on the Internet, where the correct use of words and expressions is explained with great illustrations.

  6. Do not be ashamed to ask a friend to correct you if you write or say something wrong. By the way, you can also point him to his mistakes. Mutual improvement will help you become competent.

When you do not have an assistant, dictation can be done using the same computer. Just have to find audio dictation online and use it. Of course, for the first time, you will make a lot of mistakes. But, over time, they will be less and less. If you regularly engage in spelling, then in a few months you will be able to say boldly that you are perfectly fluent in the language and custom essay writing.


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