Alan Pardew Says Everton Must Make A Fast Move to Bring Stability to the Club After their Recent Loss

Ruben Hill
November 27, 2017

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However, are you aware of the latest significant comment from Alan Pardew? No? Well, he recently made a comment that Everton must act quickly to make the club more stable after there had been another upsetting result on this Super Sunday.

Although Everton was hoping for a grand comeback with wonderful winning ways in the premier league of Southampton on Thursday but unfortunately they had to face a defeat once again with a quite miserable 4-1 loss at St Mary’s.

After the game, Pardew, the former Crystal Palace and West Ham manager, said to the Sky Sports that the players seemed to be quite confused about their roles when they were on the pitch and the caretaker boss who is none but the David Unsworth might faced a lack of available chances.

As per him, “ I think the most important thing at the football club at the moment is to get some stability on the pitch with the shape and a discipline of what are you are trying to achieve”.

Pardew’s perspective was echoed without any confusion by Andy Hinchcliffe who is a fellow Sky Sports guru. He also believes that the players should consider themselves responsible for the recent unsatisfactory performances.

He further added that Everton doesn’t seem to have any proper game plan. So, its is not expected that they would be able to do anything well. Thus, if the team gets in the great players like Marco Silva or Pep Guardiola even then there is no use of that. It’s because if there is no proper planning from his end then it is quite absurd to even have a bunch of players in the team.

So, as per his statement it is clear that there’s no defensive urgency present in the team and also it is lacking off the exigency to get blocks in and thus prevent the opposition of doing what they literally want to do. Also, there is no active game plan available either and it is almost not understandable that what exactly Everton are looking forward to do with the team that they put out.

Moreover as per Pardew, “ It needs a change quite quickly I think. David has probably had too much now and that result could ruin his chances so they are going to need to appoint someone who is going to bring some discipline into the group and get the senior players to have some confidence in each other because I think it is a lack of confidence in each other sometimes that can make it look so bad”. 

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