HTC launches Vive tracker bundles

James Marshall
November 16, 2017

It's basically a motion tracking accessory that can be attached to any real life object. The software and hardware development communities have had access to Vive Trackers for the better part of the year (and they took advantage of that). Assuming these Vive Trackers don't use the the TS4231 silicon they likely won't work with these improved SteamVR Tracking 2.0 base stations. Now that developers have had some time to play around with Trackers and figure out applications for them, HTC has made a decision to launch a few different consumer bundles in time for the holidays. From allowing accurate kicks and punches in the VR environment, to the more esoteric uses such as using a Vive Tracker to retro-fit a Nintendo Power Glove. That is now possible, since the Vive Trackers are now available for sale the consumers. Those bundles are also going up for pre-order today, and should arrive sometime in mid-December.

"The Vive Tracker opens up a whole new set of experiences that can take advantage of full body tracking and a number of peripherals that set VR experiences on Vive apart", said HTC's Daniel O'Brien.

A third partner bundle featuring straps to enable full body tracking, is available today.

The first is the Hyper Blaster bundle.

The Hyper Blaster is a retro-styled light gun created to tie into the tongue-in-cheek nostalgia of Duck Season, but is also compatible with titles such as Arizona Sunshine, The American Dream VR, Practisim VR, Tactical AR and Operation Warcade. Duck Season, by Stress Level Zero, is a throwback to the golden age of 1980's gaming and movies with a hint of horror in a Spielburgian universe.

In addition to the six titles integrated at launch, Vive is working with 10 additional developers to integrate the Blaster by Q1.

Racket Sports Set includes a pair of handles meant to be weighted accurately so that when you screw on the Tracker it feels like a real ping pong paddle or tennis racket in your hand.

While the two bundles that include a tracker are $149.99, the TrackStrap bundle is only $24.99.

At launch, several games support HTC's full body tracking system, including Climbey, Holodance, and High Fidelity. The handles will work with five titles and is packaged with Virtual Sports from Vive Sports, which can be purchased with a redemption code in the pack. The $25 offering comes with a pair of TrackStraps and a code for boogie simulator Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing (but not the Tracker itself).

"Island 359" from CloudGate Studios will be the latest to integrate an extended body-tracking experience with an upcoming update.

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