Nintendo is reportedly switching up its game plan with more mature games

Joanna Estrada
October 16, 2017

Games which have swearing and violence as a natural part of their makeup are to come to the Switch for better or for worse. According to a The Wall Street Journal Nintendo is encouraging developers to make mature content for the Switch.

In a report by Game Zone, it is stated that the team behind "Injustice 2" is ready to make the necessary changes in order for the game to run as smoothly as possible on the Nintendo Switch without cutting too much of the content to make it happen. Such games like L.A. Noire and Wolfenstein not to mention DOOM are just a glimpse of some of the variegated stuff that will be coming to the Switch soon. A fighting game of this magnitude will certainly excite Nintendo Switch owners. In that sense, we can only presume that the Nintendo Switch version will come after that point.

These have always been the go-to platforms for mature-rated games while Nintendo kept to more wholesome fare.

Nintendo, in particular, its American division, has been one of the pillars of G-rated video games in the history of the industry, implementing strict censorship of game titles developed for its consoles and handhelds.

Yes, [the Nintendo Switch port of Steep is] still planned, it's still something we have in our mind and we are focusing on.

The new mature direction being charted on the Nintendo Switch does not merely mean more violent or horrifying titles. The Switch's 3rd party support is impressive. Its release last March saw it surpass the company's 2-million first-month estimate by selling 2.74 million units instead.

Nintendo Switch has been having shortage issues for a long time, but it seems like Nintendo's fixing that.

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