Joe Maddon Gets Ejected in Game 1 of the NLCS

Henrietta Strickland
October 16, 2017

"The only thing I'll say is the more I watch it, it was a tremendous baseball play on our part", Maddon said.

That's how replay officials in NY saw it when Cubs catcher Willson Contreras' left foot blocked the plate, and stopped the hand of Dodgers shortstop Charlie Culberson from touching home plate.

In the seventh inning, the Dodgers' Charlie Culberson was originally called out at home after a single by Justin Turner.

Maddon ran onto the field and argued the call as he pointed his finger at the different umpires.

Contreras extended his left leg as he caught the ball, preventing Culberson from touching home as he slid past. "However, I will defend the umpires". He catches the ball, and his technique was absolutely 100 per cent flawless.

Maddon called it "a great baseball play" and said he thought the throw from left fielder Kyle Schwarber took Contreras toward the baseline. I mean, you could talk about not hurting the runner there or intentionally hurting the runner or the catcher, but there is also the possibility of hurting the runner.

Maddon also argued MLB created the rule largely because of Posey's status-he was the National League Rookie of the Year in 2010. Flawless skip-hop, great play by Contreras. I think it's wrong. Davis appeared in four of the five games in the NLDS, but even with that amount of activity Maddon's decision to not use his closer to keep the game tied is one that many will question. I think if there's anybody that's played Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball, then they'll agree with me 100 percent. "Textbook play by the kid, and he got penalized for it", said Lackey.

For those trying to make sense of Maddon's comments, Chicago's soda tax was a hilariously short-lived one-cent-per-ounce tax on "sweetened soft drinks" in Cook County.

Asked to explain, Maddon said: "Suddenly we're taxing soda back there". My point is, all rules that are created, or laws, aren't necessarily good ones.

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