Smoke triggers air quality advisory today

Elias Hubbard
October 12, 2017

Tiny particles in smoke is causing unhealthy air quality through the region, although shifting wind velocities and directions can cause the soot concentrations to change quickly and vary from place to place, the Bay Air Quality Management District said Tuesday morning. Outside of the active fire areas, air quality will be variable and unpredictable.

Additionally, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued a Spare the Air alert, due to unsafe levels of particulate matter that can trigger heart and asthma attacks, or exacerbate other respiratory conditions.

Residents living dozens of miles from the fire zone, including San Francisco and San Jose, have complained about the smell of smoke since the fires broke out late Sunday night. The blazes are sending a cloud of ash and smoke over the bay, threatening residents with polluted air.

The district recommends parents and school administrators to check the air quality map provided by the Environmental Protection Agency before allowing children outdoors. Other suggestions include staying indoors with windows and doors closed as much as possible and shutting off fans that bring smokey outdoor air inside. Children, the elderly and individuals with respiratory illnesses are particularly susceptible to health impacts from smoke exposure.

Because of the serious air quality conditions in parts of the Bay Area, we are asking residents to avoid adding additional air pollution by curtailing air polluting activities such as wood burning, lawn mowing and leaf blowing, driving, and barbecuing.

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