Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Game Betting Predictions

Henrietta Strickland
October 12, 2017

They beat the Packers 17-14 last season in the game that christened their new stadium. He's also adept at using a hard count to earn free plays by drawing offsides penalites. He played 16 of the 74 defensive snaps. A lot of times he's just playing with you as far as where he can go with it. "He's like a running back, and you have to treat him like one, kind of, because he likes to get out of the pocket and run".

The Vikings and Packers have split the past four meetings.

The Vikings are preparing to match up with Rodgers for the seventh time since Zimmer took over as head coach in Minnesota. There's no question that Starr and Favre are some of the best quarterbacks to enter the league and now they have Rodgers; the man many good sportsbook pundits claim is the best thrower of the football to ever grace the earth.

"You have to rush him the right way, you have to rush him early, you have to hit him, you have to make him rattled", Griffen said. "But he doesn't get rattled too often; he's very composed". He's a great quarterback, but it's up to us to execute our assignments and be very locked in.

But over the last three games Rodgers has put his foot on the accelerator, going nuts on opposing defenses to the tune of 10 touchdowns to just one interception.

"I key the ball and work extra twice a week, every week with my movement guy and my D-line coach, Andre Patterson-he's the best D-line coach in the NFL", Griffen says.

Offensively, the Lions have scored pretty consistently and were able to keep pace with the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers, who suddenly look good now that Cam Newton's shoulder is fully healed. "This game is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical, and that's really the whole thing".

I know a few insane people were calling for him to go to the Packers, but my guess is that was just the Pabst talking. "We're just going to keep seeing what he can do and how he can go". That may be partially Mike McCarthy's fault.

"He gives us a chance to overcome some of the challenges we've had on the injury front", McCarthy said. "He's been a fantastic player in the division and the league for a long time now". But it was confirmed by ABC 2 in Green Bay as having been accomplished. An offensive line that isn't as good as expected and a porous secondary has hurt them. Rudolph called out "Goose" for the record.

"I've had a lot of friends, family, my sister's college volleyball team (Transylvania) now does "Duck, Duck, Goose" as their ace celebration, so it's been well-received. Apparently, kids love it". We'll tell you what it is and if there's a controversy brewing. I've been very impressed with Case. It's called "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" in these parts.

"He can do so many things you have to be on top of everything you do", Zimmer said. "I never heard of that before, but I am a Minnesotan".

"I saw them sitting on their butts over there and I just asked, 'What the heck they are doing?' I don't know", Zimmer said of Rudolph's touchdown celebration.

The Saints finally wised up and realize what a waste of space Adrian Peterson was on the bench-which I can only assume mean they blocked out his bitching for the last five weeks and only recently tuned him back in-and traded him to the place where old folks go in the west-Arizona.

The Ravens don't have that going for them and I refuse to be immpressed that they contained EJ Manuel.

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