Everything you need to know about the Amazon Echo Connect

Joanna Estrada
October 6, 2017

You might remember that Google recently made a decision to cut YouTube access on the Amazon Echo Show, Amazon's first Alexa-powered device with a display. The cylindrical tower, controlled by Amazon's Alexa voice-activated software, was a surprise hit, spawning a range of lookalikes built by rivals such as Google and Apple.

How much does an Echo Connect cost? Surely, a smart screen will help the company to compete with Amazon's Echo team.

It's reported that, despite having worked on the device for a while now, the release of the Echo Show, along with the slew of new Echo devices, Google wants "Manhattan" out of the door in 2017.

The Amazon ECHO line up consists of two new smart speakers Echo and the Echo Plus as well as the Echo Spot that is basically an alarm clock speaker with a display. Since, the price and exact look of device has yet to be revealed by the company.

Voice-activated computing, Limp said, "is going to be ubiquitous".

That reality already exists in many households. Amazon now has more than 5,000 people working on Alexa-related projects, Limp said. "Just like Echo Show, you can also use Echo Spot to start a voice or video call, or send a message-simply say, "Alexa, call dad", or "Alexa, send a message to Mary". However, you can't use an Echo to call 911 or any other emergency services unless you have an Echo Connect.

The introduction of new form factors and a new, less-expensive and more style-conscious Echo reflects an Amazon that is being increasingly aggressive due to escalating competition, according said Paul Erickson, senior research analyst for service provider technology at IHS Markit.

Before you could make any calls to landlines, you first have to do the whole calling setup on the Alexa app.

To drive home its hope people will make use of that, Amazon is including a Philips light bulb with every device.

It's not just appliance and electronics makers plugging into Alexa. Users can now use their Echo device to call numbers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Amazon introduced the new Alexa-powered devices at its Seattle headquarters on Wednesday.

Alexa provides a better interface for on-the-go tasks than today's touchscreens, but Amazon would have to overcome many obstacles to break through the Apple-Google duopoly in a saturated market. And Echo Buttons are hockey-puck-size neon devices that can be paired with an Echo as a tactile outlet for games or other applications. The new model comes with a tweeter and a 2 inch subwoofer. It doesn't have Alexa built-in, so you can't ask it about the weather forecast, or check the spelling of a word you're not sure about, or order a taxi.

The Echo Plus will cost $149.99 and will be available alongside the echo on October 31.

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