'Overwatch' Halloween bash begins on October 10th

Joanna Estrada
October 4, 2017

This sort of criticism is often more destructive than useful, and Kaplan used it as an example as to why many Overwatch developers choose not be be as front-facing as he is with the product. I apologize that it's been a quiet two weeks but that doesn't mean that we - the OW team - haven't been working just as hard as we always do and are not dedicated to making this game great. I don't know about you, but I think that's something well worth fighting for.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event has very few details so far-only that it releases on October 10-but if it follows the formula of last year's festivities, we'll be seeing a horde mode for some of the heroes, as well as new character skins, sprays, intros, and emotes.

Kaplan admitted that the team has made mistakes but noted that Blizzard tries to speak directly with fans using their real names, rather than using aliases or communicating through community managers. He wants the community to know they're listening, but sometimes responding directly to players creates false expectations, and inadvertently breeds more animosity.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has penned a candid post explaining how it feels to communicate with the game's community, saying that maintaining an open dialog with Overwatch's players is "scary" and "intimidating".

'Overwatch' Halloween bash begins on October 10th
'Overwatch' Halloween bash begins on October 10th

Unfortunately, Kaplan explained that transparency comes at a price, and for game developers, being open with your community often means putting yourself in the firing line.

Forum post accusing developers of being lazy, incompetent and just wrong are nothing new either, but Kaplan chose to address one such thread directly in a new post on Overwatch's own forums page. "Even though I wouldn't say we're necessarily a "small" team as modern development standards go, we're certainly not an overly large team either". The "public speaking/posting" part of the job is downright scary and intimidating.

Overwatch is one of the most successful examples in that sense, however, we are accustomed to establishing communication with the development team on official forums and it is hard to know what they experience and think. Kaplan ended his statement with a plea for players to be nice and constructive about their feedback.

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