Man wins fight to the death with seven-metre python

Elias Hubbard
October 4, 2017

Robert, who is reportedly still in the hospital recovering from his injuries from his encounter with the snake, previously told journalists that he first saw the python as he was driving home on his motorcycle from his job as a security guard at a palm oil plantation near his village on Saturday evening. Nababan quickly got down from his vehicle and started helping the pedestrians in moving the snake out of the way, Daily Star reported.

Nababan tried to catch the snake to help the pedestrians, but it bit his arm. The snake bit his arm.

He is thought to have won the fight and killed the snake though it is not known how.

The 'incident' left Nababan suffering deep wounds to his left arm and hand and suffering from exhaustion because the fight went on for 'some time'. Its body is shown in pictures strung across his village like a washing line.

While Nababan is claiming to be a hero for capturing the python - and he obviously did suffer for his actions - police in Indonesia investigated the story and came up with another version.

Man wins fight to the death with seven-metre python
Man wins fight to the death with seven-metre python

It is believed the python crushed his owner to death.

"Big pythons are incredibly powerful animals with huge muscles to both move and eat and constrict", said Stephen Ressel, a professor at the College of Atlantic. Robert was tasked with immobilizing the python's head.

Some of Robert's friends then took him to the hospital, while others remained and killed the poor snake.

"When Robert tried to cover the snake's head with a sack, the snake retaliated". As the man tried to clear the way, the deadly snake turned on him. No doubt at 23ft in length, it made quite a few meals.

The Guinness World record for the longest snake ever to be held in captivity was for a reticulated python called Medusa that measured a whopping 25ft 2ins. It turns out Nababan was lucky, indeed, as it was reported in March that an #Indonesian man had been found dead inside a similarly huge python.

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