Google Home app updated with Night Mode, improved user interface

Joanna Estrada
October 4, 2017

The app controls many aspects of the Google Home smart speakers.

Tabs: In the past, there were Watch, Listen and Discover tabs which you could make use of. We've uncovered new info on the Google Home Mini and are likely to find more before we get there. Once you tap one of these tags, you're taken to a new screen that focuses on that subject with even more tags at the bottom.

Overall, Google has made the app a lot easier to navigate. All of your cast-enabled devices will be listed here and the ones now in use will have a thumbnail shown on top of it.

Selecting a movie or a TV show on search shows you various sources where it is available. Usually the options that you get are Netflix and Vudu.

Night mode doesn't disable Google Home during nighttime hours, but rather quiets it down, ensuring you don't blast your ear drums or startle yourself fully awake when the device decides to speak. The Home smart speaker now features a Night Mode, while Assistant now comes with a male voice. Once that's accomplished, the Google Home speaker will automatically adjust the brightness to that level when Night Mode is activated during the predetermined time span.

This update is only available for the users enrolled in the preview program of the Google Home app. If you're part of the preview program, you can use the feature now. Discovered by Android Police, it seems that Google is testing out the feature for those who are now part of the preview program for Google Home. Additionally, you can also set it to dim the lights on top of the device so you're night blinded at night if you ask for the next day's weather. When enabled, this entirely blocks sounds for reminders, messages and other notifications. Regular alarms and timers will still work just in case you rely on the Google Home to get you up in the morning.

Google Home normally has a set volume, so if you turn it up during the day but then use it again at night, it can get too loud for you.

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