SC National Guard heading to Puerto Rico to help

Ruben Hill
October 3, 2017

Minnesota National Guard and Air National Guard have lent their expertise to hurricane recovery efforts in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico for weeks, according to a guard spokesman. Meanwhile, Gov. Mark Dayton's office said that the national guard has shipped more than $1 million worth of medical supplies to Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico to help in their storm recovery.

"We've done this twice in two years now, and as somebody's who was activated for both of those I can say that I've seen it, I've helped it".

More Pennsylvania National Guard members are on-duty at the joint emergency operations center at Ft.

"This is a story of devastation that continues to worsen because people are not getting food or water", Carmen Yulin Cruz said. "The people of Puerto Rico have had our thoughts and prayers throughout this devastating and trying time, and now they will have the dedicated men and women of South Carolina's Army National Guard working side by side with them to restore their home and get them back on their feet".

"Remember we're not there to fully fix the road, we're never going to build a six lane highway rebuild it if it's completely washed". Lt. Thomas Kaiser will be one of the troops leaving on Sunday.

Soldiers said they are spreading their resources as much as possible, while making an impact on those living in the rubble. Gen. Robert E. Livingston said.

The aircraft and crew are flying multiple missions over the next few days en route to Puerto Rico and they will work alongside with thousands of other National Guard members and first responders onsite. "Now it's our turn to provide aid to fellow citizens in Puerto Rico". "They'll be able to be very effective on the front end".

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