North Korea Crisis: Russia's Putin Warns of 'Global Catastrophe'

Marco Green
September 11, 2017

However, Putin once again said that imposing tighter sanctions was not the way forward.

The Russian leader urged dialogue with Pyongyang.

South Korea said earlier in the day it was talking to the United States about deploying aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the Korean peninsula after signs North Korea might launch more missiles.

South Korean army's K-1 tanks move during a military exercise in Paju, South Korea. While North Korea appeared to possess both nuclear warheads and ICBMs, the program appears to be struggling to miniaturize a warhead so that it fits onto an ICBM and has the reach necessary to strike the US mainland.

Russian President Vladimir Putin enters a hall before a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia September 7, 2017.

Russian authorities have explained the boost in trade by a rise of exports to North Korea, primarily oil products.

"Agreements were reached, according to which North Korea assumed the obligation to curtail the nuclear missile program, and all the other participants in this process promised to contribute to this process, and spoke of the need to restore normal, good relations between the North and the South, on the possibility of implementing tripartite Russia-North-South projects". Media releases from North Korea often seem intent on proving doubters wrong, and its tests sometimes seem created to demonstrate previously unattributed capabilities.

The newly elected South Korean president had requested the United Nations Security Council to consider tough new sanctions on North Korea to block its sources of foreign income, including cutting off its crude oil supply and banning its workers from being sent overseas.

On Sunday, US President Donald Trump tweeted that the US was considering stopping all trade with countries that do business with North Korea, prompting a stern response from China.

Putin called on all North Korea's neighbours to show restraint, indicating the bellicose rhetoric and the military drills are only "playing into their hands".

"But then, unfortunately in my opinion, someone demanded from North Korea what it did not promise, and gradually this situation deteriorated to the current level".

Seoul's defense minister said the idea of bringing back US tactical nukes to South Korea should be "deeply considered" by the allies.

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, said: "Enough is enough. we must adopt the strongest possible measures".

Moon took power in May pledging to seek talks with Kim's regime.

It has also caused diplomatic rifts between South Korea and its neighbor China, which Seoul says imposed unofficial sanctions on it after deployment began, with Chinese tourist groups encouraged to boycott South Korea and Chinese consumers attacking Korean companies online. "With the deployment of the four launchers, the US military secured the field operation capability of one Thaad battery".

In the past Putin has been a staunch critic of Trump's policy towards North Korea, branding his military actions in the region a "dead-end road". China and Russian Federation oppose using military force against Kim.

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