Hacker gives iPhone 7 a headphone jack

James Marshall
September 7, 2017

It's been nearly a year since the iPhone 7 was released, but Apple's vision of a "wireless future" and its decision to ditch the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 is still a contentious point with some iPhone users. But since it's become apparent that Apple won't be changing its decision on the matter any time soon, at least one YouTuber has taken it upon himself to fix this problem.

According to Allen, the entire project cost him somewhere in the range of "thousands of dollars", which he spent on three iPhone 7 devices for parts, screens, and tons of Apple's headphone adapters. But even though Apple's move away from a traditional headphone jack may be more about pushing a wireless future-which includes its expensive and questionably-designed AirPods-there's no telling whether Allen's hack will hold up, or might compromise the phone's safety in some regard.

You may remember Allen from one of his previous YouTube videos where he built an iPhone 6s from the ground up using spare parts he bought from regular electronics stores in Shenzen. "I had three iterations of PCB designs manufactured, and 4 different flexible PCB designs".

Allen's success here definitely proves that there was and is room inside the iPhone 7 for a headphone jack.

As we can see from the video below, there was some serious effort put into adding a headphone jack to his iPhone. Still, Allen's reportedly printed several hundred of his custom PCBs in hopes Chinese manufacturers will mass producing modded iPhone 7 units.

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