Watch 10 Minutes Of Skyrim Running On Nintendo Switch

Joanna Estrada
September 6, 2017

There is a major concern I had when the Nintendo Switch has unveiled that nearly nobody talked about.

Another thing that the game won't offer on the Nintendo Switch is the same graphic fidelity as the other consoles counterparts.

The Nintendo consoles have a prominent place in the gaming world.

However third-party titles such as National Basketball Association 2K18 and FIFA 18 are likely to take up more space due to the size of the assets used to create the games (which also release on PS4, Xbox One and PC - systems with much more storage). Nintendo of America confirmed that an additional microSD crd will be required in order to access the full game. Software support has been good after a meagre launch, and there is a definite consumer buzz around the console. Many have speculated about the features and modes that will come to Switch, however, it seems it will come with all the key modes. You will have to connect the Nintendo Network in order to transfer your worlds, so make sure that you are NOT playing offline. Now you will need to select "Transfer Save to Nintendo Switch" and confirm it by choosing "OK".

Switch will take a few moments to accept that file transfer.

In fact, he commented that he likes to develop a lot for Nintendo since each console has new and innovative features that the rest can not give.

HINT: Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch will also need to be connected to the Nintendo Network.

In the "Load" tab you will select "Transfer save from Wii U" and press "Y" to have this option selected.

Once the download is complete, you will have to confirm by pressing "OK" on both consoles. Thankfully, the game looks to be running really well.

Do you own Wii U and Nintendo Switch consoles? In the flood of new reports adds up the new one from Nintendo too.

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