Why Miss UK gave back her crown in disgust

Lawrence Kim
August 31, 2017

A British beauty queen says she gave up her crown after a pageant organizer told her she needed to drop some weight to compete at an upcoming global competition. "But it hasn't. After telling people my story and having emails about how I have inspired others, that means more to me than any crown could".

The 28-year-old was due to travel to Ecuador to compete in worldwide rounds next month, but has dropped out of the competition and handed back her crown. But sadly, some competitions have a darker side.

"I can't represent a company that thinks it's OK to body shame women because they don't have the right measurements". Pageant girls are more than just a number on a clothing tag, she writes. "Real queens empower others, are intelligent and help communities come together".

"To have that all taken away from me because of one comment from the global director, it was really hurtful".

Ms Smale said the national director had some feedback from the global director of the competition, and tried to "tactfully" pass this on.

Smale revealed she was asked to submit "every measurement" on her body - which she refused to do because it "went against everything that I stand for".

"I was branded "fat" because I am size 10. How sad is that?" She has been in the industry for around ten years now, and she claimed that there are pageants that insist on this kind of body figure.

"I love me and will not change for anyone".

"I'm not big at all I'm just bang on average".

"I have had some really unbelievable experiences through being in the pageant industry and made some lifelong friends and memories".

"I'm so glad you've handed your crown back". She would have represented her country and competed in an global pageant, if not because of these comments, Refinery29 reported.

Smale told TODAY that she hopes young women learn from her decision.

"All in all we never know when our time on this earth is up.so love yourself, eat a bit of cake and laugh until your belly hurts".

"No negativity needs to be spread here".

Smale is not the first beauty queen to drop out of a competition over body-shaming. I just think to be told to lose as much weight as possible for a competition, why would people say that?

Zoiey handed back her crown after being told she's too fat for worldwide pageants.

The Telegraph contacted Miss United Continents and is awaiting comment.

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