Cult classic Super Meat Boy is getting a sequel in 2018

Lawrence Kim
August 31, 2017

Super Meat Boy Forever is tentatively due before the summer of 2018-th year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes designed the Super Meat boy.

Super Meat Boy Forever will be a true sequel with the story picking up after the events of the first game.

When Dr. Fetus kidnaps Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's little baby called Nugget, they are forced to set out to rescue her - leaping off walls, dodging buzz saws, and performing incredible 2D platforming feats.

Team Meat has not yet announced the release date for Super Meat Boy Forever.

Of course, the levels themselves are still filled with treachery, with everything from explosive trips to very big buzzsaws (man, Dr. Fetus is diabolical) that you'll need to avoid. Which considering how difficult the original Super Meat Boy was must be very hard indeed. You can check out the PAX West trailer below. It's up to players to go through levels that get more hard each time they are cleared to save the little one. These will allow you to jump, perform a jump attack, a dive, and a slide. Also, the game playable on few more consoles. The levels are created randomly from a pre-prepared items, secrets, bosses, and unexpected difficulties.

The first game is still revered as one of the best 2D platformers of recent times, and will also be coming to Nintendo Switch.

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